Scentsabilities Nosework Podcast

What is Confidence and how do you build it?

Confidence is a challenging concept...  it's a matter of balance...  knowing your dog and setting your dog up for success. This Podcast explores how we assess confidence and how we determine how to build it.

Developing Confidence in the Nosework Dog

Why, Stacy's Mini Aussie, went from not being able to search 3 boxes in his front yard to earning Overall Pronounced at his NW2.  His transformation is nothing short of amazing, and it's entirely possible to replicate.  In this Podcast, Stacy Barnett will talk about how to instill Confidence in the Nosework dog through careful training and trialing strategies.

Clarity in Training and Odor Hygiene

We all want an amazing Nosework / Scent Work dog, right?  In this episode we will talk about Odor Hygiene and what we need to do in order to maintain our own training and to ensure that we are being good Nosework Citizens.  Learn about residual odor and how to minimize it so that it doesn't sabotage your odor obedience!

Online Education: Why it works and How to get the most out of it

Online instruction and education has started to become popular in dog sports.  Learn WHY it's so powerful and HOW you can get the most out it.  You'll be amazed!

Yes, but does your dog trust YOU?

We all hear the adage "Trust Your Dog"...  this is perhaps the most misused phrase in canine sporting detection.  More importantly, does your dog trust YOU?  

Understanding Arousal and the Yerkes-Dodson Law as it Relates to Canine Scentwork

Do you want to know the SECRET to successful trialing?  It's AROUSAL.    This podcast is focused mostly on canine scentwork however these concepts apply to all dog sports.  Getting your dog into peak arousal is the key.  What really IS High Drive?  In fact, does it actually exist?  What about anxiety and longterm implications of high arousal?  Get an overview with this short minipod on arousal in canines with this podcast!

The Missing Foundations of Nosework

Is something missing in your training?  Do you have issues or struggle with an aspect of your searching?  Learn about the often neglected aspects of Nosework Foundations in this podcast.  We chat about the theory but we also talk about some fun exercises that can bring out Joyful, Happy searches.  Happy Sniffing!

Appreciation…. a MiniPod

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection...  reflect with me on the gifts your dog has given you!  Appreciation is the root of passion....

What can be learned from K9 Narcotics handling?

Join me for a discussion with Holly Bushard, an ex-K9 Narcotics handler!  Holly is now a successful NACSW Elite handler, NACSW and AKC Judge... let's hear about her takeaways and discover what we can apply to Nosework handling.

New to NW3? What you need to think about!

Join me for a conversation with Lisa Kirschner, a new NW3 competitor, to talk about the ins and outs of the level.  We cover mental management, blank rooms, learning from "no's" and more!

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